Conventional Drilling Equipment

Conventional Core Barrel

The usage area is mainly shallow and site investigation purpose drilling and they are classified according to the formation type and required core sample characteristics as; B single tube core barrel and T double tube core barrel. For undisturbed core sampling, T6 S double tube core barrel is recommended.

WG - WM Type Core Barrel

WG and WM core barrels with single tube and double tube options are continuation of the classical ISO 3551-1: 1992 conventional standard. The core barrels produced with high quality and technology stand in the AITC product range and they are chosen with respect to the formation type.

Conventional Drill Rods

DCDMA standard conventional drill rods are also known as “W” series drill rods and both rod and coupling are manufactured from cold drawn seamless steel tubing of high tensile yield strength and of controlled straightness. The end couplings are manufactured of premium quality alloy steel. Couplings can also be welded for W series pipes. As a supplier, all standard sizes are available in AITC product range.

  • AW drill rod, AWY drill rod, AWJ drill rod
  • BW Drill rod BWY drill rod, BWJ drill rod
  • NW Drill rod NWY drill rod, NWJ drill rod

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